Fast-track your computer science career through a highly tailored mentoring program

We give you the guidance, resources and tools to help you create an efficient plan to accomplish your goals.

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Juan Delgadillo's mentoring program

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Get access to a decade worth of wisdom and international experience

Propel your career to the next level by leveraging your mentor's decade worth of international experience while learning from
their successes and mistakes.


Learn how to choose the right tools to boost your professional success

We share you a mental framework and thought processes that will
allow you to know what tools will help you develop a competitive
advantage to achieve your goals before, during and
after a 4-year-long degree.

Receive guidance to identify your motivations that will fuel your career development

We help you map out your motivations to have a 360-degree of awareness of its importance supporting the progress
and growth of your career.

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Get guidelines to develop the habits that will help you reach your goals

Understanding how your habits strengthen or weaken your
career progress is key. We guide you to identify and
develop the habits that will help you not only reach
your goals but go beyond them.


Identify challenging areas while creating a step-by-step plan to overcome them

Not knowing how to go from A (problem) to B (solution) can be
intimidating. We not only help you create a plan, but to break it down
into realistic and actionable steps towards your expected outcome.

Maximize your knowledge adquisition by sharpening your learning style

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What our mentees say

“Juan is an amazing person whom to follow and listen to, because of his life and personal progress. He understands the inner workings of the technology industry and guides you where you need to aim towards for improvement. He is capable of showing you areas you can get better off around concrete subjects that will help you make exponential progress.”

Arturo N. / CTO

Your plans to grow above and beyond


$ 89
1 hour mentoring session
Career guidance
Ask me anything
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$ 1019
3 months of mentorship, 1 hour per week
Everything in Starter+
Building our mentoring relationship
Setting expectations, goals, and a plan
Working towards outcomes and measuring progress
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$ 2029
6 months of mentorship, 1 hour per week
Everything in Growth+
NFT certificate
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Frequently asked questions

What's a computer science mentoring program?

A computer science mentoring program is a process in which an experienced software engineer (Mentor) guides a person (Mentee) to create and develop their goals and skills around the computer science field through a series of one-on-one, confidential conversations and other growth activities.

What can I expect from this mentoring program?

Flexibility, adaptability and guidance are all key features of this mentoring program. Expectations are set from the beginning of our mentoring relationship so that we best help and guide you towards achieving your expected outcomes.

When will the mentoring program be available?

The complete mentoring program will be available between 3 and 6 months. By joining our waitlist you'll be among the first people to receive an email right before our program goes live with information that will allow you to schedule your first mentoring sessions.

How is confidentiality handled?

Privacy and confidentiality are important to us, this is why all our one-on-one conversations and sensitive information shared with our mentors are kept private. Please take a look at our privacy policy for more information regarding how we anonymously use our user's data for analytics and the improvement of the service.

What is the discussion format used?

Our discussion format is agreed upon our first conversations and depends on what works best for you. Examples of discussion formats are: formal agendas, topic-driven agendas, check-in conversations, etc.

Do you accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method?

We accept BTC and ETH as payment methods. Please reach us out at hello[at]jdelgadillo[dot]com for more information. Make sure to include the plan's name you are interested in and which cryptocurrency you'd like to pay with.

Juan Delgadillo

About my mentor

Juan Delgadillo is an international software engineer, mentor, and traveler with more than a decade of experience helping worldwide startups and companies design, build and deploy their web and mobile applications with a strong emphasis on added value, user experience, and efficiency.

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